Hello ! In this page I give you 10 facts about me, to know me better. But if you are in a rush, for the skills and added value which interest you, click here.

real estate show 2014

real estate show 2014

1. I am a female 

2. I am 20yo (30/04/1994)

3. I live in Toulouse, France (south = the sun is always here)

4. Currently, I’m a French student in the Bachelor Program of the Toulouse Business School.

5. I like what I learn and what I do everyday. I love my studies, my life, my friend and my family.

6. My absolute dream is to become perfectly bilingual. (=> what joins the 7th point).

7. I absolutely want to make my internship in an Anglo-Saxon country. (=> what joins the 8th point).

8. It would be completed if this Anglo-Saxon country = the United States of America

9. All the time, I am extremely curious about learning new things. 

=> Thus I am very a quick learner.

10. Last point about me : I work alone as well as in team. I become integrated easily.


I can cook, make the household, the sewing, the massages, ride bike, drive a scooter, drive a car, cut my friends’hair hair, make up people, fix and do DIY…